a last icon making standing contest for Merlin

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♦ Welcome to the Merlin Last Icon Maker Standings. Enter icons weekly to ultimately become the last icon maker standing!

♦ Please join and friend the community to keep up with challenges. Then comment with your username to this post. Sign ups will last until the voting for the first challenge has been posted.

♦ LIMS (standing for Last Icon Maker Standing) works by voting icons of lesser quality out each challenge until one icon maker remains. As voters vote for icons of lesser quality the icon(s) with the most negative votes will be eliminated.

♦ Each participant is given one skip (or bye). One extra skip can be achieved by promoting this round on your journal (this must be a public post) or community. Extra skips can be earned until sign-ups close and the first challenge is posted.

♦ layout credit - minty_peach
♦ moderator - lemonpunch (previously run by sightsee)
♦ banner credit - sophie_lizzie
♦ profile banner credit - ale_skyz

If you'd like to affiliate, please PM me or drop a comment on any of the posts.
Merlin sites: merlinmoodstill, merlin_land, camelot_rumble, merlincast_lims
Other: ic0nfest, disneydolce, vintage20in20

.winners/runner up
♦ round one - nyaza / beeej
♦ round two - shorecallssea / butterfly8772
♦ round three - sophie_lizzie / princess_narnia
♦ round four - sallyna_smile / midsummerly
♦ round five - ale_skyz / sallyna_smile
♦ round six - visionsbeyond / sallyna_smile
♦ round seven - ...